Patisson Restaurant

Patisson Restaurant


Anna Pozdnyakova. Travel Expert.

We offer to visit the restaurant "Patisson", where you will be offered dishes from organic farm products, including those cooked in a Russian oven and on the grill. Most of the products are used according to the "O km" system - vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and even fish, grown on a private farm and mini - farms eco - village. Restaurant's decor is made on motives of Russian northern elms, using folk paintings and items of ancient life. The whole agricultural complex is permeated with the positive and color of the Russian village. The menu is distinguished by the recipes of Russian cuisine adapted to the present day, with a kind peasant approach and aesthetic presentation. At the request of holiday-makers our cooks give master classes in pies, dumplings, homemade kvass, jam cooking and much more. All guests will be able to see with their own eyes daily the agricultural complex, where we grow salads, vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.


Address: Ivanovo region, Volga district, 34, Vygolovo d. d.

Coordinates: 41.455047,57.451597