Hamlet + Jacks

Hamlet + Jacks

Modern European Restaurant

#бесценныемаршруты .

**Some privileges at Hamlet & Jacks** Hamlet & Jacks is a popular avant-garde institution, located in the historical center of the Northern Capital. Try original dishes and get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee as a compliment when paying with Mastercard premium card. To receive the privilege of ordering, please inform the waiter that you are a Mastercard Premium Card holder. The offer is valid for Gold Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, World Mastercard Black Edition, World Elite Mastercard, Mastercard Businescard, Mastercard Preferred Businescard, Mastercard Corporate Card, Mastercard Executive BusinessCard, Mastercard Corporate Executive Card.


Address: 2 Volynsky Lane

Coordinates: 30.320908,59.938417