Wonders on the Gulf Coast – Day 4: Crossing the sand dunes

Today makes a lot of interesting things. To begin with, a visit to one of the largest water parks in Dubai is planned, and then there will be a trip on the sand dunes of the UAE, which will take us to the fourth largest city in the country - El Ain.
Wonders on the Gulf Coast

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

The Hamptons Cafe

Cafés, Breakfast Spots

To get the day off to a good start, The Hamptons Cafe is the perfect breakfast place. The atmosphere is very pleasant and comfortable, the staff is polite and friendly. The menu offers a fairly wide range of breakfast dishes, including chocolate cake, chicken salad and lamb risotto.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Water Parks

Another major amusement park in Dubai is Aquaventure Waterpark. There are breathtaking water slides, which are sometimes so high that you can see the waterways of the Persian Gulf as you roll down. In addition to the slides, there are also a variety of swimming pools with and without currents, children's play areas and of course numerous shops with food, drinks and souvenirs.

Platinum Heritage

Other Great Outdoors

In addition to the developed tourist infrastructure in major cities, the United Arab Emirates also boasts extraordinary nature. Many hundreds of tourists come here every year to take a trip across the Rube El Hali desert. The incredible and fascinating view of the sand dunes stretching all the way to the horizon is impressive. In various campsites and parks, you can find a tour guide and ride a camel.

Al Jihli Fort (قلعة الجاهلي)


Al Jihli Fort is one of the most interesting historical monuments of Elaine. Built in 1891, the fort is surrounded by picturesque green gardens. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place, which is mainly attracted by the architecture of the fortress, as well as the collection of photographs of the famous British traveler Wilfred Thesiger, who managed to capture the beauty and aesthetics of these places.

La Brioche

French Restaurants

Cooking in any country sometimes represents a vast world. For example, a separate phenomenon in French cuisine is its famous bakeries, where traditional national pastries are made. One such place is La Brioche restaurant. In addition to excellent baking, main courses such as smoked salmon with cheese and olives or spicy fried chicken with cherry tomatoes are also excellently prepared here.

Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium


Every major city in the United Arab Emirates has a place for a large oceanarium or zoo, where exotic species are exhibited, so El-Ain is no exception. Here is located the largest zoo in the country - Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium. Perhaps the key difference between this place and many others is the existence of a safari zone, where visitors ride in a specially equipped jeep to places as close to the real environment of animals as possible.

The Golden Sheep الخروف الذهبي

Mediterranean Restaurants

Probably one of the most widely represented culinary directions is Mediterranean cuisine. This is due to the country's close proximity to warm waters, where a variety of fish and seafood are abundant. The Golden Sheep is a restaurant that serves delicacies such as lamb chops with vegetables, roasted salmon with lemon and spices, and fried shrimps with various sauces.