Wonders on the Gulf Coast – Day 3: Extraordinary entertainment in Dubai

Today promises to be an interesting and memorable day, with plans to visit the largest indoor amusement park in the world, where we expect thematic areas with the characters of your favorite movies and cartoons.
Wonders on the Gulf Coast

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Home Bakery Kitchen

Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Restaurants

Each local restaurant has its own peculiarities: somewhere tasty coffee is prepared, somewhere wonderful pastry is made, somewhere delicious desserts are served, and somewhere exceptionally healthy food is served, however, it is difficult to single out any main feature at Home Bakery Kitchen, because here you can order a nourishing sandwich with a juicy cutlet, or for dessert you can take a frosted pie with fresh berries together with a glass of strong coffee.

Jumeirah Beach (شاطئ جميرا)


Staying in Dubai, it would be criminal not to visit its world-famous beaches. In general, the Arabs have been very reverent and careful in their approach to the organization of the coastline: each beach is clean, beautiful and equipped with everything from renting sun beds to changing cabins. Jumeirah Beach, in a way, occupies a special place: in addition to the beautiful views of the bay, here you can also admire the famous sail-shaped building.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Theme Parks

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the equivalent of California Disneyland. It is very remarkable that this park is covered, and all the rooms and sections here are perfectly ventilated, which is very important for the hot climate of these latitudes. The base of the park is made up of four thematic zones, some of which are dedicated to such famous brands as Marvel and Cartoon Network. Visitors have the opportunity to literally find themselves in the epicenter of the Battle of the Avengers against Altron, as well as visit the lost world of dinosaurs.

The Farm (ذا فارم)


There are not many restaurants that boast a truly relaxing atmosphere and an original interior. The Farm is exactly the place. The meal here is surrounded by greenery and accompanied by the noise of flowing water. Arabic and European dishes are on the menu. In particular, it is worth paying attention to baked chicken with mushrooms and spices, as well as various snacks and salads.

Global Village (القرية العالمية)

Theme Parks

Global Village is a unique place where different world cultures intersect. There are a variety of shops selling souvenirs from around the world, entertainment facilities and attractions. In particular, it is possible to "visit" such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, USA, some countries in Africa, India, Yemen, Turkey and many others. In addition, the atmosphere of the park is diluted by music festivals and concerts held here regularly.


Peruvian Restaurants

At first glance, it may seem that Peruvian cuisine is quite simple, because the traditional set of products and ingredients is completely untouched - potatoes, rice, pulses and grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and seafood. And, of course, this stereotype is wrong, and you can see it in the restaurant Coya. In particular, it is worth trying here cooked from fish and seafood ceviche. A variety of spices give this dish an original and even somewhat noncanonical taste.