Wonders on the Gulf Coast – Day 1: First impressions

The first day is very important for the whole trip, as it is today that the first impressions about Dubai and the country as a whole are being formed. There are plans to visit several places that this city is known for and which are its symbols.
Wonders on the Gulf Coast

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

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Middle Eastern Restaurants

Perhaps there is no better place in the world than the UAE to get to know the cuisine of the Middle East, which is known for such gourmet delicacies as chicken in yogurt marinade with chili, beef stew with quince, crispy chickpea with curry - all these dishes and many others are on the menu of Mama'esh restaurant.

Dubai Aquarium (حوض دبي للأسماك)


The nature of the Persian Gulf coastal areas is very diverse and interesting, in particular, many sea creatures of these latitudes are represented in local oceanariums and zoos, namely Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest and most significant aquariums in Dubai. Here you can see such species as stingrays, crocodiles, otters, piranhas and about 30 thousand other not so large ocean inhabitants. You can also dive into the pool with sharks or other smaller fish for an extra fee.

At The Top

Scenic Lookouts

It is no secret that the symbol of the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has recently become a striking skyscraper - Burj Khalifa. In this building, designers and architects have invested so many unique ideas and solutions that its genius can be compared, perhaps, with the majestic buildings of ancient Rome and Greece. Climbing up to the highest observation deck, you can literally stand above the clouds and see the incredible panorama of Dubai and the deserts around it.


Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

Zuma is a restaurant of authentic Japanese cuisine. Its interior is designed, so that the room creates a really cozy and cultured atmosphere. Although the institution is authentic, the service here is built in accordance with European standards. In addition to the large variety of rolls and sushi, the menu also includes many other fish dishes, such as fried shrimp and smoked eel.