Try tchorog, toast and Yakut delicacies. . Going to the family cheese factory . Learn the secrets of beer production at a private brewery . Try to resist the temptation at the jelly factory. . Eat a year's worth of firecrackers. . .

When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region.

The reason for this mini-journey will be local delicacies of the Tver region and farming traditions of the Moscow region. We will visit a real cheese dairy and marmalade factory, uncover the secrets of beer making, taste dishes unknown until now. Get ready for a three-day gluttony: we will eat a lot and often!

When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region.

3 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Gastronomy Tour - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: Family farms, Yakut delicacies, an evening in charming Volokolamsk.

This day we will spend in the fresh air - visit two family farms, learn about the secrets of cheese production, try bread by an old Russian recipe and Yakut delicacies. We will stay in Volokolamsk - a wonderful little town with an amazing history.
Visiting: Volokolamsk, Teryayevo, Kurovo, Moscow

Day 2: Excursion to Afanasiy Brewery, Tver chorygory and rye pies

We'll spend the second day in Tver. We will visit a private brewery and look for traditional Tver cuisine in restaurants. Filling up your appetite in the streets of the city is a pleasure: it is incredibly beautiful and spacious!
Visiting: Tver', Volokolamsk, Mikulino

Day 3: Marmalade factory, firecrackers, hearty tea party on the pier and a beautiful dinner in an Italian restaurant.

On the third day we will go to the marmalade factory - learn all the secrets of producing this wonderful sweet. On the way back we will try the famous fire cutlets and take a walk in the red-brick Morozovsky town. To meet the evening I suggest to have a cup of tea in a fashionable yacht club, and to finish the trip - at a plate of oysters in an Italian restaurant.
Visiting: Tver', Moscow, Likhoslavl', Solnechnogorsk, Zavidovo