When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region. – Day 3: Marmalade factory, firecrackers, hearty tea party on the pier and a beautiful dinner in an Italian restaurant.

On the third day we will go to the marmalade factory - learn all the secrets of producing this wonderful sweet. On the way back we will try the famous fire cutlets and take a walk in the red-brick Morozovsky town. To meet the evening I suggest to have a cup of tea in a fashionable yacht club, and to finish the trip - at a plate of oysters in an Italian restaurant.
When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region.

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Мармеладная сказка


The Tver Region is considered one of the marmalade capitals of Russia. Not far from the city there is an unusual museum "Marmalade Tale", where we will go to learn about the long tradition of producing natural marmalade. After the tour there is a marmalade tasting - you can't go home without a sweet souvenir. You can visit the complex only by appointment (tel. +7 (930) 151-55-55) on any day except Monday.

Нюшины Плюшки

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Fast Food Restaurants

We'll have lunch in Tver, at the cute restaurant "Nyushina Plyushka". Here we are going to get fire cutlets - juicy chopped chicken cutlets, breaded in breadcrumbs (only 85 rubles!). The name of the dish came from the name of the owner of the tavern, where these cutlets were invented. The facility was located in the neighboring Toržka. Daria Pozharskaya, daughter of the innkeeper, was already working on the recipe. One day she treated Nicholas I, who passed through Torzhok, with her cutlets. The Emperor was delighted with the dish and later invited Daria to the royal court many times. For cutlets, take cabbage cabbage - another traditional dish of the people of Tver. Here, this dish costs only 50 rubles per serving.

Морозовский городок

Historic Sites

If we're back in Tver, I recommend visiting Morozovsky town. Sometimes they call it the Proletarian's Court. It's a complex of more than 50 buildings where Savva Morozov's paper products factory workers lived. The ensemble is erected in an unusual style - something between neo-Gothic and modern.

Яхт-клуб «Марина Завидово»

Harbors / Marinas

On the way home we'll stop for a break at the yacht club "Marina Zavidovo". It is located on the right bank of Shosha river of Ivankovskoye reservoir. The yacht club is equipped with piers, recreation areas, cafes and bars. A cup of coffee, a moment of contemplation of beautiful landscapes - and on the way!

Mamma Italia

Italian Restaurants

Dinner is served in the authentic Italian restaurant "Mamma Italia" in Solnechnogorsk. What to taste: fresh oysters with lemon, salad with Kamchatka crab and mango. And then - how it goes.