Visit the museum-estate of P.E. Shcherbov. Walk around Gatchina Palace. Find out what's in the Birch House..

Weekend in Gatchina

Gatchina is one of the largest cities in the Leningrad Region. It is worth going to this city to see the historical and cultural values of Russia. Our trip will take place not only in Gatchina itself, but also in its suburbs. First of all, we will go on a tour of the museum manor in the village of Christmas. In Gatchina itself we will visit the estate museum of P.E. Scherbov, visit one of the oldest churches dedicated to the Virgin in the Leningrad region - the Intercession Cathedral. And of course we will not forget to visit the main sights of Gatchina - Gatchina Palace and the Birch House.

Weekend in Gatchina

1 day itinerary by Polina Zagoryanskaya - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: From St. Petersburg to Gatchina and back.

The trip to Gatchina will take all day and you can see a lot of interesting things during this day. Before arriving in the city itself, we will go to its surroundings and visit the museum manor in the village of Christmas. When we arrive in Gatchina, the first thing we will do is go on a tour of the museum estate of the artist P. E. Scherbov. After the tour we will go to the Intercession Cathedral near the main street of the city. We will definitely visit the main attraction of Gatchina - Gatchina Palace and find out what the Birch House contains.
Visiting: Gatchina, Saint Petersburg, Rozhdestveno, Pushkin