You're visiting an abandoned underground bunker.. Walk around the abandoned manors - Lyakhovo, Pushchino-na-Oka, Pushchino-na-Nare.. Visit the Vysotsky Monastery, founded in the XIV century.. You'll see the famous Znamensky Church in Dubrovica.... Visit the Podolsk Sea.

Walks on abandoned estates of Moscow region and a trip to the underground bunker.

A tour for real men is the second name of this trip. If you and your friends do not know what to do at the weekend, and you want something exotic, go explore the off-basic and off-road places in the Moscow region. Just remember that in this adventure clothes should be comfortable. Here we have collected all the most interesting things: quad biking, a walk to the Holy Spring, adventures in an abandoned military bunker and in abandoned manors from different eras, unusual sights - the monastery, founded in the 14th century and the Znamenska Church, a sample of mature baroque in Dubrovica. These two days will be the most extreme and memorable in your life. Join us! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

Walks on abandoned estates of Moscow region and a trip to the underground bunker.

2 days itinerary by Volkswagen Caddy - Adventures - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Quadrocycles and abandoned usalsalsals

Today you have a busy day full of unforgettable impressions and interesting places. In the morning you will go ATV riding in Domodedovo district. After that you will walk in the park in which the Holy Spring is located. You can take a container and collect water, it is not only tasty here, but also useful. Also today you will visit two deserted manors with rich history.
Visiting: Serpukhov, Vostryakovo, Talezh, Pushchino, Domodedovo, Lyakhovo, Moscow

Day 2: Abandoned military bunker and the Podolsk Sea project

Today you are waited by two most unusual abandoned objects of Moscow region which are shrouded in myths, legends and conjectures. In the morning you will go to the country estate of Princes Vyazemsky and Vysotsky monastery, founded in the XIV century. After that you'll have a trip to an abandoned underground bunker, three floors deep. The entrance is free and you can explore this place up and down. Then you'll visit the territory of the manor of Dubrovitsa, where you'll see the elegant Znamensky Church. And finally, visit the Podolsk Sea.
Visiting: Serpukhov, Podolsk, Moscow, Biryulevo Zapadnoye, Troitsa