Victoria – Day 3: We're gonna finish the Victoria trip and move on.

Today we are planning to visit a couple more historical places and take a walk in a beautiful park. Tomorrow we will go to the next point of our route and that's why today we decided to enjoy the wonderful views of this city at the most.

Trip duration: 7 days

Darcy Moore

Blue Fox Cafe

Breakfast Spots

It's a very nice place. Prices are not very high, but this does not affect the service and appearance of the coffee shop. The menu isn't too big, but you'll find something to eat!

Victoria Butterfly Gardens


This place can be called a real paradise. Once you get inside, you'll feel like you're on another planet. Everything blossoms around, plants smell amazingly and the most important thing is, of course, a variety of very beautiful butterflies. I think it would be interesting to visit this place at any age. You can just walk around with your family and relax a little bit, or even ask your soul mate out on a date.

East Sooke Regional Park Ayland Farm


This park also has some kind of magical atmosphere, maybe. There's a peace and tranquillity there that I can't tell you in words. Walking around the area, you will be able to take many beautiful pictures. And in general, besides all the beauty, what can be healthier than walking outdoors?

East Sooke Regional Park


We took a little longer drive along the coast in search of beautiful locations. The views here are so breathtaking!

Glo Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurants, Lounges

This place has an incredibly beautiful panorama! My weakness is panoramic restaurants and coffee shops. That's why I was so excited! I also really liked the menu and the food service. Beautiful and unusual!

Beacon Hill Park


A huge park, very well maintained and clean. It's a great place to go for a family walk, picnic or even play outdoor sports. The area is quite large, so you can spend a long time in this park.