To see the fortress, erected in 1731 and serving as an outpost of Russian troops.. To visit the courtyard of the most noble and rich Cossacks on the Don.. Go on a tour of the underground stone cellar rooms. Study all the most interesting objects of the Taganrog State and Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve..

To the roots of Rostov region history

Do you like atmospheric films, the works of Anton Chekhov and the culture of the Don Cossacks? Then this trip to the Rostov region for you. You will get a lot of positive emotions, new knowledge and beautiful pictures. The Don itself is a very picturesque area, but you will travel through the most memorable, extraordinary and beautiful places. You'll even have a look at the Merzhanovo farm, after your trip here you'll definitely want to watch or revise the movie "The Lighthouse Keeper". You'll spend two days at the Taganrog Bay, walking through cozy streets and visiting the most interesting museums. Taganrog is such an amazing city that even an ordinary coffee shop here is a sight to see. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. On the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

To the roots of Rostov region history

3 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Starocherkasskaya Stanitsa, a beacon from a film and an ancient city

In the morning, go to the fortress erected in 1731 by order of Empress Anna Ioanovna. It's a great place for walks and fantasies about what happened here several centuries ago. Further on, you'll visit the Yefremov Atamans' yard, where you'll learn how the family of one of the richest and most noble Cossacks lived in the Don. On your way to Taganrog, visit the ancient city and reach the lighthouse from the movie "The Lighthouse Keeper".
Visiting: Taganrog, Nedvigovka, Starocherkasskaya, Merzhanovo, Aksay, Alitub, Rostov-na-Donu

Day 2: Taganrog State and Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Walks through the most interesting museums of Taganrog start! An exciting excursion awaits you in the art museums, where works of the most outstanding Russian artists are kept. You will visit the place where Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born. Visit the grocery store of the writer's father, where little Antosh loved to visit and watch his parent's work. Visit the brother of the great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Visiting: Taganrog

Day 3: Frecken Bock, the palace, home of the children's writer and museum of the great trainer.

Taganrog is an amazing city, even an ordinary seemingly coffee shop is a sight to see. In the morning you will take beautiful pictures for memory near the monument to Faina Ranevskaya. Go to the local history museum, located in a mansion with a wealth of decorative decoration reminiscent of the palaces of Russian nobles of the end of the XVIII century. Learn more about the life and work of the writer Ivan Dmitrievich Vasilenko and visit the house of the famous trainer Anatoly Durov.
Visiting: Taganrog, Rostov-na-Donu, Sambek