The vicinity of Chekhov and the holy spring – Day 1: Touch the history.

Do you want to feel like a real time traveler? Then you just need to visit the Slavic Kremlin, consider near the Prince's Theatre, craftsmen's houses and windmills. Please note that the historic complex is located in private territory and dates for visits must be clarified in advance.
The vicinity of Chekhov and the holy spring

Trip duration: 2 days

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Ресторан "Меридиан"

On the way to Chekhov you can have lunch at this restaurant with high rating. It's a great place to cook meat, but there are other dishes for every taste. There's a great place to go for a walk next door.


Slavyanskiy Kreml' Vitaliya Sundakova

Right next to the restaurant is a very attractive place to visit. This is the wooden Kremlin of Vitaly Sundakov. Here you can get acquainted with the owner and learn a lot of interesting things about the authentic Slavic way of life.

Church of the Resurrection

Not far from Chekhov there is a very beautiful church - a beautiful ancient temple, which was built in 1708. The temple is located by the lake, where you can walk in the fresh air.

Square Chekhov

In the city of Chekhov, we suggest you spend the night. Upon arrival here you can walk along the main square, where just recently renovated. For nature lovers, the Park of Culture and Recreation is located nearby.

Kafe Oranzhereya

The greenhouse, according to local residents, is a unique place. Supervision by the manager literally everything: the quality of food and drink, the work of waiters and bartenders. Cozy atmosphere and delicious food, in warm time you can stay on the open terrace.

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