The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 6: Historical excursions in nature

This morning, hurry up to Ladoga beach, then visit the ancient fortress of Korela, stop to see the Tiver fortress and taste excellent dishes in local restaurants.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина



Got an early start in the morning! Inspired by yesterday's journey, already waiting for a new experience. We'll stop here for breakfast. The food is delicious. Fish dishes are beyond any competition. I liked it.



And here we are on the posh beach of Lake Ladoga. Such sand... And the views around! There's so much space. It's very beautiful. The locals say that very often there is warm water and you can swim!

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

Russian Restaurants, Scandinavian Restaurants

To our surprise, there's a lovely cafe. We decided not to get wise, but to have lunch here. It's delicious and original.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

History Museums

An ancient, mossy fortress... That's where the grey old man is. Some say the Swedes founded it, others say the city was here even before they came. Not as vast as the previous fortresses, but still interesting.

Тиверское Городище

Historic Sites

It's so old... In XIV century on the place of the present settlement was the city of Tiversk. For 100 years it defended against attacks of Korela. Tiversk stood on an island, now, because of the retreat of water, the fortified settlement is on land. From the south, the city of Tiversk was defending the rampart, from the north - a stone wall. Still there are remains of masonry. Ornaments and iron objects were found on excavations. This is a rich history here.

Парк-отель Жемчужина

Добрый Лось

Restaurants, General Travel

We have dinner at a cafe near the town. Very fresh air and good menu. We have prepared and brought everything quickly and tasty.