The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 4: The charm of Karelian nature

Today you will enjoy the nature, visit the Kivach waterfall, stop at Sundozero, visit the Marcial Waters resort, see the Church of Apostle Peter, enjoy delicious dishes in the café and pub, and pick up local Karelian hotels.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина



In the morning we decided to refuel immediately, and for this bakery with fresh baked goods is perfect! We chose between tea and coffee for a long time, in the end we took both.

Kivach Falls (Водопад Кивач)


Let's keep going. And so we stopped to see the waterfall. It's like being on the edge of water and lakes! We went around the waterfall from different sides, and in the end we got wonderful pictures! And the air! A spray of crashing water is very nice.

Озеро Сундозеро


8 kilometers from the waterfall, the Sundozero. Well, now hold on! The names of the surrounding lakes are, of course, unusual. Specifically it is an elongated shape, on the banks it is a dense coniferous forest. We talked to the fishermen. They're boasting about the catch. Judging by their catch, it's not for nothing. The weather with us was perfect - quiet and windless. But the locals told us that it could change in a moment and a real storm would break out. In the meantime, the water is clear in the lake, and there are white curly clouds on the horizon.

Sedoy Kivach

We'll go and have lunch. The interior has folk motifs and is something like a hunting lodge. But we've been fed perfectly! It's an honor, after all. And also here you can buy national products for take-out. Well, who likes it?

Марциальные воды (филиал Музея Республики Карелия)

History Museums

We've already figured out that there's water all around, but it turns out it's also mineral! There's even a mud and water clinic founded by Peter the Great. There's water with a high iron content. And people with iron deficiency are quickly put on their feet. Amazing! What we don't have in this country...

Церковь Апостола Петра


In these same Marcial waters there is a temple that remembers King Peter I himself. They say that even Tsar Peter himself was the author of the project. It is quite different from the strict server temples. But, anyway, it stands to this day and pleases all who come.

Харчевня «Петровская»

Russian Restaurants, Scandinavian Restaurants

We decided to have dinner here before we left. Everything here is connected with the name of Sovereign Peter, because if it were not for his will, there would be no local balneological resort. The meal made the local borsch happy (still, when there is a lot of water in the air and in the springs, by the end of the day it becomes chilly), baked pike-perch and tea with fragrant herbs.