We will visit the famous Acadia National Park . We'll climb the mountains, go down to the beaches and even visit the museum . Visits to national reserves and parks in the north of the United States are also planned.

The Nature of the North of the United States

This journey takes place mainly in one of the northernmost states of the United States, Maine. The main purpose of the trip is to visit one of the most unique American natural objects - Acadia Park. Its area is about 200 square kilometers, it is home to an incredible number of different species of animals. We will take the ring road on the island of Mount Desert, which passes through the most beautiful places of the park. In addition, we'll also stop at a few interesting places on the way to and from Portland. And the final chord of the trip will be a visit to the White Mountain National Park. Here, as well as in Acadia, we are waiting for the incredible nature of the American North with all its features, among which there are many opportunities for active recreation, as well as beautiful, pristine landscapes.

The Nature of the North of the United States

7 days itinerary by Edward Harrington - Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Prepare to travel

We're coming to the state tonight. Since we won't have much time by the time we arrive, we only have plans to prepare for the main trip, namely, to rent a car and check-in at the hotel.
Visiting: Portland

Day 2: On the way to Acadia.

Today we're going to Acadia National Park as planned. On the way, we'll make a few stops at incredibly beautiful natural locations in Maine, and by evening we'll be at our destination.
Visiting: Portland, Bar Harbor, Camden, Boothbay

Day 3: The incredible beauty of Acadia Park

We reached the island of Mount Desert, where one of the most important natural objects of the country - the Acadia Park - is located. We will drive up the most beautiful points of the park, climb the mountains, descend to the ocean coast, walk through the forests along the rivers and lakes.
Visiting: Bar Harbor, Cranberry Isles, Northeast Harbor

Day 4: Walks and excursions to Mount Desert

Yesterday we already managed to see most of the places in Akadia Park, and therefore we plan to diversify the day a little bit, namely, in addition to a walk in nature to visit the local museum for a tour and, of course, do not forget to visit the local restaurants.
Visiting: Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Seal Cove, Bass Harbor

Day 5: Back to Portland

Today's day will be diverse and busy - we will go back to Portland and before that we will visit the continental part of Acadia Park, as well as several interesting places on the way.
Visiting: Bar Harbor, Winter Harbor, Bath, Lincolnville, Orland, Portland, South Portland

Day 6: White Mountain National Park

The natural beauty of Maine and its surrounding states doesn't end in Acadia Park, we'll go to the White Mountain National Park today to see for ourselves. There are plans to climb the mountains to see the panorama of the park and the surrounding areas.
Visiting: South Portland, North Conway, Ossipee, Intervale

Day 7: A morning stroll along the coast

Today we will leave Portland and go home, and before that, to finish the journey on a good note, we will stop at the city park, located on the very oceanfront.
Visiting: South Portland, Portland, Cape Elizabeth