The Nature of the North of the United States – Day 5: Back to Portland

Today's day will be diverse and busy - we will go back to Portland and before that we will visit the continental part of Acadia Park, as well as several interesting places on the way.
The Nature of the North of the United States

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

La Bella Vita

Italian Restaurants

The last stop on the island of Mount Desert for us was the cafe La Bella Vita. The interior here is quite cozy and elegant, served mainly in Italian cuisine. We liked Italian vegetable soup Acquacotta, as well as chicken with rosemary and pomodoro spaghetti. Pizza lovers won't be disappointed either.

Schoodic Point

National Parks

The next stop for us was the Schoodic Point National Park. The local natural beauty is in no way inferior to what we saw on the island, and this is not surprising, because Schoodic Point is a continental part of the park. Walking along the quiet forest paths is memorable first of all for the beautiful view that opens from here to Mount Cadillac, the bay and the ocean.

Hothole Valley Parcel

We went back to Portland and we just couldn't stop by Hawthorne Valley Parcel Park on the way. The park is certainly not comparable to Acadia, but it is beautiful in its own way. There are well marked paths in the dense forest, so you can't get lost walking. There are routes just for a walk, there are routes where you have to sweat a little to get through.

Tru By Hilton Portland Airport Area Me

Cellardoor Winery At The Vineyard

Wineries, Vineyards, Gift Shops

It was hard to resist and avoid the Cellardoor Winery At The Vineyard winery. Of course, those who drive are unlikely to be able to enjoy locally produced alcohol, but nothing prevents them from taking a few bottles to the hotel, or as a gift to their loved ones. There's also a small grocery store on the farm where you can grab a bite to eat and buy some wine.

Waterfront Park


Driving through the small town of Bath, we decided to stop at a local park near the bay and were not disappointed. Here you can stop, have a small picnic or just walk along the coast, a very beautiful view of the bridge and the other side of the bay. In summer, various fairs and small festivals often take place here.

Salvage BBQ

BBQ Joints

Arriving in Portland and tired after a long drive, stopped at the bar and grill Salvage BBQ. The interior of the restaurant is quite simple. The menu is full of various meat dishes, most of which are grilled. In addition to pork and beef steaks, we also offer chicken and a good selection of sandwiches. French fries or vegetable salad are good as a snack.