The Nature of the North of the United States – Day 4: Walks and excursions to Mount Desert

Yesterday we already managed to see most of the places in Akadia Park, and therefore we plan to diversify the day a little bit, namely, in addition to a walk in nature to visit the local museum for a tour and, of course, do not forget to visit the local restaurants.
The Nature of the North of the United States

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington


BBQ Joints

The day starts sooner than usual, because there are a lot of things to do today. Without wasting time, we went to the Mainely-Meat Cafe for breakfast. In addition to traditional bacon omelette and other egg dishes, fried sausages, sandwiches, as well as various cakes and biscuits for dessert are served here.

Town Hill Market

Gourmet Shops

We have a long way to go, and there's probably no way to introduce ourselves to lunch somewhere, so you have to stop by the store and stock up on food before nightfall.

Indian Point Blagden Preserve

Our first stop today was the Indian Point Nature Reserve. Nature here is unbelievable and amazing. There are plenty of walking and hiking trails and you can also walk down to the rocky coastline, which offers stunning views of the bay. You shouldn't bring food and four-legged friends with you here, because it's forbidden.

Seal Cove Auto Museum

History Museums

Few people know that one of the main attractions of Maun Desert Island is the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Expositions here are dedicated to the history of the U.S. automotive industry, as well as the culture of driving and the cars themselves. There are also very interesting expositions devoted to the cars of the future and devices that should change the world of mechanical engineering.

Wonderland Hiking Trail

Trails, Beaches, Scenic Lookouts

Wonderland Hiking Trail is another great place to go for a walk in Acadia Park. The forest often has many paths, you can reach the coast and go down to the ocean itself on a rocky beach. There's a chance on the way to bump into a hare, a deer, a fox, an otter or a coyote.

Seafood Ketch

Seafood Restaurants

Since Maine has a very good fishing industry, many of the facilities serve fresh seafood and fish, and Seafood Ketch is one of them. The menu here is very extensive, so we couldn't try everything in one visit, but we didn't regret it at all, ordering fried shrimps and snails with garlic sauce. For dessert, we were delighted with pudding and cakes.