The Nature of the North of the United States – Day 3: The incredible beauty of Acadia Park

We reached the island of Mount Desert, where one of the most important natural objects of the country - the Acadia Park - is located. We will drive up the most beautiful points of the park, climb the mountains, descend to the ocean coast, walk through the forests along the rivers and lakes.
The Nature of the North of the United States

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

2 Cats

Breakfast Spots

Beautiful morning, and we went to the nearest breakfast café, 2 Cats. The atmosphere here is quite cozy and pleasant. You can take many kinds of omelette and other egg dishes, as well as a good selection of toasts, cakes, biscuits and coffee. It is worth paying attention to a dish called a Mediterranean breakfast, as well as berry cakes.

Acadia National Park

National Parks

Being in the Acadia National Park, you immediately understand why this place is one of the most beautiful natural sites along with the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and other parks. The landscape here is reminiscent of Finland - high mountains, dense forests, lakes, rivers. Humanly untouched nature literally prospers in these places, often meeting a variety of animals, such as deer, squirrels, ducks, chipmunks, beavers and elks, and on the coast of the ocean, if fortunate, you can see a dolphin or even a whale.

Cadillac Mountain


One of the highest points of the park is Mount Cadillac. The mountain itself is more like a plateau - the ascent here is not difficult, so you can take your children with you without fear. From the top there is an incredible panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, especially at sunset or dawn. When climbing to the top, it is better to take warm clothes with you, as the winds can be quite cool here.

Sand Beach


Exploring Acadia, you can't help but stop by one of the park's beaches. Sand Beach is located directly between Newport Bay and Bihiv Lagoon. The water in the ocean can be quite cool even in summer, so bathing is only recommended for hardened people. Those who don't want to swim can have a picnic on the beach, walk along the entire bay and take many beautiful pictures of the ocean and the surrounding cliffs.

Bubble Rock


Another amazing place in the park for us was the top of Bubble Rock. The ascent here is not too long and difficult, so that even the people of age and children can handle it without much difficulty, and the views of Jordan Pond are simply magnificent. Besides, the mountain is famous for the boulder balancing on the edge of the rock. You can't just take a picture without it!

Jordan Pond

Descending from the mountain, you can walk along Jordan's picturesque pond. The views of the lake, forest and mountains are fantastic. There are plenty of footpaths, so you can get pretty far. The guys who visit the park not for the first time recommended me to bypass the lake counterclockwise, from the north side, as it is much easier to go, and those who are not afraid of difficulties, can bypass the south, because the landscapes there are no less beautiful.

The Colonel's Restaurant

American Restaurants

Having seen enough today, we decided to go to the hotel to rest, and on the way we got a good restaurant The Colonel's. Dinner here is served with traditional American dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, as well as fried meat and many snacks. It is worth noting the family recipe of fish soup, this dish has been prepared here for almost thirty years.