The Nature of the North of the United States – Day 2: On the way to Acadia.

Today we're going to Acadia National Park as planned. On the way, we'll make a few stops at incredibly beautiful natural locations in Maine, and by evening we'll be at our destination.
The Nature of the North of the United States

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

The Holy Donut

Donut Shops

The first day of the journey has begun, and before we set off, we will stop by the café on the way to The Holy Donut. It has a cozy atmosphere and a huge selection of doughnuts and other sweets. We had breakfast with doughnuts and fruit stuffing, and we also got coffee. Besides, as the way is not very close today, you can stock up on strong coffee and sweets on the road.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


Our first stop was the picturesque Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Park. The territory is very well-groomed, planted with rare flowering plants, which create not only a contrasting landscape, but also a pleasant smell. It's a safe place to get lost for two or more hours, but since we still have plans, we've moved on.

Camden Deli

Delis / Bodegas

Having spent a long time on the road, we came across a nice cafe near the bay. And we didn't regret stopping because the menu here is very diverse. There are meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, but we liked green salad the most, and chicken fried with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.

Camden Harbor Park


Near the cafe was the picturesque Camden Hills Park, where we decided to go. Maine's mesmerizing nature appears in all its glory. There are plenty of paths and paths for walking, in winter you can go snowboarding or sledding here, and in summer you can see a lot of different kinds of birds here.

Sea Glass Cottage

Pat's Pizza

Pizza Places

We've come to Acadia National Park, the main point of our journey. Time's late, we should stop by for dinner. There's a good Pat's Pizza around here. In addition to delicious pizza, chicken, fried potatoes, soups and sandwiches are also served here. We liked the shrimp and crab soup and margarita pizza.