The Heart of Cossack Ford – Day 2: Walks at the foot of the Caucasian Reserve

The second part of our journey will be final. Returning to Sochi, we will have a bird's-eye view of the Sky Bridge Park, enjoy the silence in Psakho canyon and walk along Nawalishinskiy gorge.
The Heart of Cossack Ford

Trip duration: 2 days

Polina Zagoryanskaya

Sky Bridge


If the coffee at breakfast did not cheer up, a walk on the bridge, which is located at an altitude of 207 meters, will help you finally wake up. Entrance to the park costs 1500 rubles for one ticket, but for this money you can get an unforgettable experience. An observation deck with a view of the Akhtyrskoe Gorge, bungee jumping for an extra fee and a spectacular view of nature - all this is available in the Sky Bridge Park at a bird's eye view.

Каньон Псахо


The next stop of our journey will be in a canyon on the River Psakho. Previously this place was only open to mountaineers, but more recently the canyon has also become available to ordinary tourists. The place itself consists of two parts - Wet and Dry Canyon. It is worth coming here to fully immerse yourself in the protected area, see untouched nature and swim in the waterfall.

Навалищенское ущелье

Nature Preserves

The last point of our journey will be Navalishenskoe Gorge. There are two races. The first is Navalishenskoe gorge, a tourist place with comfortable conditions. There is a sauna, shops, cafes, where you can have lunch in front of the road to Sochi. Second race, White Rocks. This is also Navalishenskoe Gorge, but a more secluded location. The walk will be surrounded by boxwood and ferns.

Кавказский Аул

Caucasian Restaurants

On the way to Sochi is worth staying at the restaurant "Caucasian aul" for dinner. This restaurant of oriental cuisine is located near the river Agur. In summer you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the spring, and on cold days you should eat inside the restaurant. There is not only tasty food, but also a wonderful view of the nature of the south of the Krasnodar region.