The contrasts of Tokyo life – Day 6: The last morning in the country's capital of the Rising Sun

On the last day of your trip, enjoy the beauty of Tokyo's landscapes in the gardens of Hamarikyu and be sure to visit the main fish market of Ginza.
The contrasts of Tokyo life

Trip duration: 6 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Le Pain Quotidien

Bakeries, Cafés

A sea of baked goods! The last Tokyo breakfast is mandatory at this bakery. A very spacious, inexpensive coffee shop in downtown Tokyo. Wooden tables and decor are very attractive. Coffee and tea are served in large cups. Tourists prefer New York cheesecake and tea with berry pie.

Hamarikyu Gardens (浜離宮恩賜庭園)


The charming Hamarikiu Garden is located on the shores of the Tokyo Bay near the ultramodern Siodome area. There is a unique contrast between skyscrapers and the tides and tides of the Tokyo Bay. There are three ponds in the garden that flow into the ocean, and the largest one is crossed by a beautiful 118-meter bridge. Ponds densely planted with reeds and bamboo are home to birds. Not far from here grows the largest tree in Tokyo - a three-hundred year old black pine tree, planted in 1709. This traditional Japanese garden, which is over 300 years old, is elegant at any time of year. The garden is a unique place for tourists, as there are a lot of rare plants and flowers here. It is also a pleasant place to enjoy the silence and tranquility of the garden, wandering all over the garden. The design of the garden and buildings are created in the traditional Japanese style.

Tsukiji Outer Market (築地場外市場)

Markets, Fish Markets

Be sure to visit this place. Fresh seafood as well as wagyu beef can be cooked right in front of you. Tip: If you come to the market early in the morning (5-6 am), you can catch a show of chopping tuna - worth it! Oysters are even very large here. Seafood of all kinds and varieties. In addition to the many shops and restaurants on the market there is also a knife shop where you can engrave your name on it.