The contrasts of Tokyo life – Day 1: Tokyo is a city of powerful technologies and achievements, high skyscrapers and unusual hobbies

The city of Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a huge ultramodern metropolis with more than 37 million inhabitants. There's a crazy rhythm of life here, and the hi-tech novelties neighbor the ancient districts of Tokyo. The capital surprises tourists with its countless districts and incredibly complex urban layout. A huge part of the city is the mountains of skyscrapers, endless lines of roads and wires, illuminated by bright neon light and filled with the noise of urban life.
The contrasts of Tokyo life

Trip duration: 6 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Nissan Note E-Power GPS

Tsukiji Itadori Bekkan (築地虎杖 別館)

Sushi Restaurants

It's a great sushi restaurant to spend an evening in after arriving in Tokyo. Small and a little hidden. A variety of fresh fish will show you how well seafood can be prepared. For those who love something new and exotic, you can try a variety of sea urchin. The restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.