South Morocco Road Trip – Day 3: Diving into the eastern exotics

Today we will visit the beautiful Bahia Palace, the museum, the orange garden and the ruins of the palace castle, and the bustling colourful Jamaa square.
South Morocco Road Trip

Trip duration: 11 days

Inga Isupova


Another rooftop café opens at 9am. Here you can find traditional Moroccan food and excellent tea. We start a brand new day!

Palais Bahia (قصر الباهية)

Historic Sites

Quite young (1880) Palace Bahia in translation means "Palace of Beauty". The palace in the Moorish style is well preserved and covers an area of eight hectares.

La Famille


It’s fast and tasty. There are vegetarian dishes in this place.

Musée Dar Si Saïd

History Museums

There are much fewer tourists here than in the Bahia Palace, but beautiful as well. You should look into the wedding room. Be careful – it doesn’t work on Tuesdays! Here you will find an excellent collection of Moroccan fine arts.

Palais El Badii

Historic Sites

Nowadays, you can see only the walls of the courtyard and take a stroll through the magnificent orange garden. Even in ruined form, the palace looks unusually beautiful. The most amazing part of the architecture is the courtyard, which demonstrates all the wealth of its owners. The courtyard became the largest in Marrakech because its size is about 15 thousand square meters. The yard was so huge that all the buildings surrounding it seem very narrow.

Place Jemaa el-Fna (ساحة جامع الفناء)


Jemaa el Fna is never completely deserted, it's calm here only in the early morning. At daytime, the square is filled with peddlers of water in colourful clothes, fortune-tellers, fakirs, storytellers. Nearby traders sell fruits, sweets and souvenirs.


Moroccan Restaurants

Roofs, roofs, roofs again, the sunset and very tasty food!