Snowdonia National Park – Day 3: The last day in Wales

Today will be the day of a tour of Snowdonia National Park. There are several stops planned in places where you can enjoy the incredible natural diversity and, of course, take stunning pictures against the background of local landscapes.
Snowdonia National Park

Trip duration: 4 days

Alexandr Kosar

Mount Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa Summit


Snowdonia National Park is a unique natural site, with many beautiful places to visit, but perhaps the most important of all is Mount Snowdon, which is also the highest point in Wales. There is a railway at the top, so that even unprepared tourists can appreciate the incredible views.

Black Rock Sands


The western part of the island is famous for its beautiful hills, picturesque plains and authentic castles, but it is not so obvious at first glance that there are also stunning beaches, one of which is Black Rock Sands. Pure white sand in the midst of the season attracts not only beach lovers, but also nature lovers, because the coastline offers beautiful views of some of the coves.

Seaview Cafe Bistro & Coffee Lounge

Being in a very beautiful place during the day, I would like to spend lunch in an equally beautiful environment, and Seaview Cafe Bistro & Coffee Lounge is the place where it will be possible to do it. Facility's interior is made in a very elegant style, next to the restaurant there is a terrace where you can dine outdoors, admiring the scenery. Restaurant's menu includes a lot of fish dishes, as well as salad and burger sandwiches.

The Royston

Harlech Castle


One of Snowdonia's many architectural decorations is the incredible Harlech Castle. Built by King Edward I to strengthen his influence, the castle represented an impregnable fortress. Architects tried to embody all the greatness and power of the king in this building, its mighty walls and beautiful forms. The views from the cliffs, the castle, the sea and the mountains are really breathtaking.

Llyn Cau


On the slopes of the beautiful Mount Kadir Idris in Snowdonia National Park is another incredibly peaceful place - Lake Llyn Cau. It's a pretty long climb, but it's not as hard as the mountain itself. The road to the lake passes through a quiet picturesque forest area, and then at some point branched out - one path leads to the top, and the second - to the lake itself.

Number Twenty One

Number Twenty One is a very elegant café located near Snowdonia Park. Facility's interior is worked out with taste, inside there is an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality. The menu is also quite extensive, with many kinds of meat dishes, we recommend you to pay attention to such dishes as lamb with vegetables, steak-barbecue, served with vegetable stew. If you like sweets, don't hesitate to try the lemon tart, it's very tasty.