Snowdonia National Park – Day 2: The incredible valleys of Wales

Today we are planning a trip to the western part of the island, where incredible natural landscapes await us. We also intend to visit some of the most interesting historical castles that were built centuries ago.
Snowdonia National Park

Trip duration: 4 days

Alexandr Kosar

Long Mynd

Other Great Outdoors

In the image of Great Britain, of course, its nature occupies a special place. In this sense, the Long Mynd plateau is an important landmark.

Chirk Castle

Historic Sites

Throughout England's incredibly rich history, many outstanding historical buildings have been erected, scattered throughout the country. In the western part of the island, among others, Chirk Castle, built about seven hundred years ago, is remarkable. It's surrounded by incredible views of green valleys. The architectural features of the building can also be assessed from the inside.

The Cross Foxes


The Cross Foxes is a bright, atmospheric cafe surrounded by greenery. The interior is made in an incredibly cozy and homely way, and there is a terrace for those who want to dine outdoors. The menu is very extensive, there are many snacks and main courses, including steaks, salads and various kinds of soup.

Dolwyddelan Castle

Historic Sites

Another medieval building of great interest to passing tourists is Dolwyddelan Castle. For a long time, this place and its surroundings were an important point of reference for the English defense, was many times completed and rebuilt, and eventually became an important tourist destination. It should be added that local beauties repeatedly appeared in various films.

Rhos Uchaf

Tryfan Peak


Many people passing through these places, observing the natural beauties surrounding them, would undoubtedly like to see them from an unusual angle. Mount Tryfan Peak is perfect for this. Its altitude is about 920 meters above sea level, so that the ascent here is not too difficult, and from the top of the hills and plains of Wales offers an inspiring panorama of the hills.

Snowdonia National Park

National Parks

The most important natural site in Wales is Snowdonia National Park, located on the west coast of the island and covering about 820 square miles of diverse landscapes. Here you can see rocky mountains, picturesque lakes and small authentic villages.

Dylan's Menai Bridge

We recommend dining at Dylan's Menai Bridge, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Menai Strait. The menu offers a wide selection of traditional dishes such as roasted lamb with vegetables and spices or roasted pork with potatoes and cabbage. The atmosphere inside is very warm and hospitable, due to the attentive attitude of the staff and quite simple, but harmonious interior and lighting.