We will visit scientific museums and zoos... . Let's dive into the history of civil society formation. . We visit various natural places that embody the beauty of the south..

Short Trip to the Heart of the South

Many tourists adore the south of the United States for its pleasant climate, incredible natural beauty, beaches and much more. In our journey we will undoubtedly give part of our time to these aspects as well, but the main thing for us is to immerse ourselves in the culture of these places. As we planned to take our children with us, we chose specially those places where both adult and child would be interested. An important part of the journey will be to learn about the history of the South, how slavery was born and how it was fought, as well as the history of civil rights.

Short Trip to the Heart of the South

5 days itinerary by Jonathan May - History and Culture - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Hispanic Night

Today is the first day of our trip, in Birmingham we are likely to be quite late, so "Napoleon's" plans for today do not build - just spend a quiet evening, relaxing restaurant and tuning in for tomorrow.
Visiting: Birmingham, Montgomery

Day 2: In the museums of the city.

Today we plan to go to several interesting museums of the city, among which will be, in particular, scientific and historical. Also, we intend to take a walk in the botanical garden of the city and other interesting places.
Visiting: Birmingham, Mountain Park, Montgomery

Day 3: Trip to Montgomery

Today we are scheduled to go to Alabama's second largest city, Montgomery. In general, the road is not so long, but we decided to supplement the impressions of the day and planned several visits to various interesting places on the way.
Visiting: Birmingham, Pelham, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Prattville, Montgomery

Day 4: Immersion in the history of the South

Today we plan to visit many different interesting places, among which there will be a park, a zoo, and many others, but the most significant for us is a tour of museums, telling about the history of the south.
Visiting: Montgomery

Day 5: Farewell walk

Our trip is already coming to an end, this morning will be the last one. To spend these short hours also with benefit and interest, we decided to go for a walk in one of the city parks after breakfast.
Visiting: Montgomery