Short Trip to the Heart of the South – Day 5: Farewell walk

Our trip is already coming to an end, this morning will be the last one. To spend these short hours also with benefit and interest, we decided to go for a walk in one of the city parks after breakfast.
Short Trip to the Heart of the South

Trip duration: 5 days

Jonathan May

Jason's Deli

Food Trucks, Delis / Bodegas

Woke up early and went to a cute cafe for breakfast in the cool morning. The atmosphere there was very cozy, especially like the fact that the tables were separated from each other, so it seemed like a real home breakfast. The visiting card of the menu is probably a great salad bar, also pleased with the choice of soup, we ordered Irish potatoes, and we also had a panini with chicken.

Shakespeare Park


Many city parks boast picturesque landscapes, manicured paths and tidy lawns, but not many of them boast a large number of animals. Unlike many other places in Shakespeare Park you can find a variety of ducks, herons and even turtles. There are also special places for picnic and rest.