Get to know ancient Coimbra and modern Coimbra . Visit the cleanest beach in Costa Nova . Visit a real fishing boat . Learn about the city's traditions and see the ancient library of Coimbra University . Visit museums and check out the bookstore café . Find the perfect new features for yourself. . Get souvenirs and traditional regional delicacies.

Shopping in Coimbra

Shopping is not an easy thing to do. It is necessary to choose the perfect place and subject of your purchases, because shopping brings pleasant emotions and leaves memories of exciting travels for the rest of your life. Coimbra is not only the historical centre and former capital of Portugal. It is here that you can find a lot of traditional shops, thematic shops and colorful fish markets and food courts. Follow the scenario and it will lead you to the most beautiful sights of Coimbra and open unforgettable shopping paths among natural treasures and cultural monuments.

Shopping in Coimbra

5 days itinerary by Alexey Lukin - History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Arrival in Aveira

Our journey through Portugal begins with our arrival in the small town of Aveiro. Due to the fact that there will not be much time, today we will dedicate fascinating excursions in the museum, as well as small walks around the city.
Visiting: Torreira, Aveiro, Gafanha da Nazare

Day 2: Shopping begins

Today will be dedicated not only to Portugal's usual beach holidays, but also to interesting and exciting excursions and, of course, full-bodied shopping. The day starts on a clean ocean beach and ends with a walk through the shops.
Visiting: Torreira, Gafanha da Encarnacao, Aveiro, Ilhavo

Day 3: On the way to Viseu.

Today we plan to leave Aveira and head eastwards into the city of Viseu. On the way, of course, we will definitely visit several remarkable places, including a nature reserve on the coast, a large shopping mall and a local Catholic church.
Visiting: Torreira, Viseu, Sao Jacinto

Day 4: Let's go to Coimbra.

Today will probably be the most busy day of our journey. We'll start the morning in Viseu, and after breakfast we'll go to famous Coimbra. Interesting excursions and fascinating walks to different historical places as well as full-fledged shopping await us there.
Visiting: Viseu, Coimbra

Day 5: Let's go back home.

Our short journey is coming to an end, and today we have a flight home, so to spend the rest of our time usefully we will also go to a small shop after breakfast.
Visiting: Viseu, Porto