Get to know the bison. Climb the Hijtol Rocks. Visit the Ruskeala Mountain Park.. To visit the Tiver Hillfort. Stroll through the Lindulowska Grove. Overcome obstacle course. Fly in the air pipe. .

Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures

If you want to relax from the bustle of the city, see the beauty of nature in the north, and if you like active recreation and extreme, this trip is for you! You will get to know and feed the bison and visit the mini farm where chickens, rabbits, sheep and goats live. Visiting Karelia, you will see picturesque rocks, where you can both walk and climb, try local cuisine, visit the most beautiful place in Karelia - mountain park "Ruskeala", where you can enjoy picturesque views and actively relax - fly a rope over the lake, make a rope jump from 20 meters high. You'll also visit one of the largest underground museums of Northern Europe, where you'll learn the history of Lahdenpoh district, the Soviet-Finnish wars, learn about the geology of Karelia and see a collection of minerals. Try your hand at the obstacle course in the rope park, feel the free fall in the air pipe and get some unspeakable emotions! An exciting and intense journey awaits you! Be sure to take with you comfortable clothes and shoes! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures

4 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Active Leisure - 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Active Leisure

Day 1: Acquaintance with the bison, the Hijtolian rocks.

The journey will begin with the Zubrovnik Park, where you will see bison and other animals, then visit the rocks, where you can walk or climb. After that we will go to Sortavala and have dinner in a restaurant of Karelian cuisine.
Visiting: Sortavala, Toksovo, Tiurula, Saint Petersburg, Priozersk

Day 2: Active recreation in Ruskeala Park, Mount Filina

The second day will begin with a visit to one of the main attractions of Karelia - the mountain park "Ruskeala", where we will walk around the territory, enjoy the incredible scenery, make a rope jump from 20 meters high, then visit the Mountains of Filina - Geological and Military History Museum and spend the night in Priozersk.
Visiting: Priozersk, Sortavala, Ruskeala, Lakhdenpokh'ya, Ryuttyu

Day 3: Tiver fortified settlement, rope park, beach and city park

The third day will begin with a visit to the ancient fortress - Tiver fortress, then a visit to the rope park, and after a trip to one of the northern resorts of Russia - Zelenogorsk.
Visiting: Zelenogorsk, Priozersk, Molodezhnoye, Titovka, Il'ichevo, Repino

Day 4: Recreation in nature, museum, unusual sculpture, air pipe.

The last day of the trip will begin with a walk in the botanical sanctuary - Lyndulovskaya Grove, then a visit to the museum of retro cars, an unusual sculpture - Tree of happiness, a flight in the air pipe and a walk along the eco-trail. The trip ends with a dinner in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.
Visiting: Zelenogorsk, Centralniy, Roshchino, Komarovo