Walk along the picturesque streets and embankments of Olbia and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. Climb the mountain peaks, which offer magnificent views. Take part in coastal city's vibrant cultural scene. Visit some of the best beaches in the world. Taste the best dishes of the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in the best restaurants of the city. S7 flights from Moscow to Olbia are available on weekdays, except Wednesday, return flights are available on weekdays, except Wednesday, and on weekends, except Sunday.

Sea, Sun, Olbia

The territory of modern Olbia was settled in the second millennium BC. For millennia, this place has attracted the Punu, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and, of course, Romans. And at the moment it is one of the most popular tourism centres in the world. It is impossible to imagine traveling to this wonderful place without a proper beach rest. Enjoy many beautiful beaches, a real pearl of the island, Costa Smeralda, is next to the city. In addition to swimming and restful sunbathing, guests can experience water sports, take a boat trip and get acquainted with the unusual underwater world. Olbia is attractive for travelers not only for its beaches and natural beauty, but also for its unique rich cuisine. Explore the culinary history and traditions of these places, and also appreciate the rich taste of local wines. Olbia boasts a large number of historical objects of the Roman Empire time. Admire the ancient temples and cathedrals, squares and monuments, get immersed in history by visiting museums and galleries.

Sea, Sun, Olbia

5 days itinerary by Elizaveta Smirnova - Beach and Relax - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax

Day 1: Introduction to Olbia

On the first day of the trip, you're about to visit the most significant squares of the city, which are the most important symbols standing for its rich history in many ways. Admire the authentic and clean narrow streets, quiet squares and great fountains of magnificent Olbia, and enjoy the culinary traditions of the exciting region.
Visiting: Olbia

Day 2: Insights into the culture and history of magnificent Olbia

Today you’re going to have a fascinating walk through the most significant historical sites of the city, visit the cathedrals built almost a thousand years ago and absorbed the spirit and atmosphere of several eras. Explore the fascinating history and life of people who inhabited these places many centuries ago. And, of course, have a little walk along the embankments of the city, visit the picturesque and peaceful park, and keep enjoying the local culinary diversity.
Visiting: Olbia

Day 3: The extraordinary nature of northeast Sardinia

The next part of your unforgettable journey is to visit the very places that have brought Olbia and Sardinia worldwide fame. Be sure to take plenty of water with you before the departure, because you climb the legendary Monte Pino mountain today. Enjoy the heavenly natural beauty around the mountain and the stunning panorama of the city and surrounding areas. Also, you will visit the world famous beach of Costa Smeralda. Relax on the white sand, sunbathing in the warm sun.
Visiting: Olbia, Ruinadas

Day 4: Coastal beauty of Olbia

Keep exploring the beach life of this fertile land and visit legendary beaches such as Pittulongu. It offers a range of services, including the rental of stuff necessary for rest, and organized infrastructure. In addition, enjoy the contemplation of the amazing coastal integrity and stroll through the well-kept and picturesque city on your unusual tour of the Mediterranean cuisine.
Visiting: Olbia

Day 5: Farewell to Olbia

You always want to end any unforgettable journey in a nice way. And a visit to the wonderful Italian restaurant, where you can bring something new to your range of taste experiences, is, no doubt, perfect for this.
Visiting: Olbia