Sea, Sun, Olbia – Day 3: The extraordinary nature of northeast Sardinia

The next part of your unforgettable journey is to visit the very places that have brought Olbia and Sardinia worldwide fame. Be sure to take plenty of water with you before the departure, because you climb the legendary Monte Pino mountain today. Enjoy the heavenly natural beauty around the mountain and the stunning panorama of the city and surrounding areas. Also, you will visit the world famous beach of Costa Smeralda. Relax on the white sand, sunbathing in the warm sun.
Sea, Sun, Olbia

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Il Vecchio Porto

Pizza Places, Bars

Il Vecchio Porto has a very convenient location. Enjoy the best services and polite and attentive staff. Beloved Italian dishes are served here. One of the restaurant’s specialties is pizza with seafood. It also has a rich collection of wines.

Monte Pino


Fans of outdoor activities are invited to climb Monte Pino, the highest point of which is located at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. The rise will be quite long, so it is recommended to take the necessary amount of water with you in advance. When you find yourself at the very peak, the result will be worth all the energy spent, because the panorama of all the surrounding neighborhoods, including the city and the sea coast, is gorgeous. Beautiful views will give you a truly incredible experience and the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photos.

Blu Marine

Excellent service and nourishing food. The restaurant with good value for money is ideal for lunch.

Costa Smeralda - Emerald Coast


Costa Smeralda is a favorite resting place for many celebrities. That's right. Can you imagine a more magnificent sight than emerald waves crashing on the snow-white coast? The treasure of Sardinia - beaches of incredible beauty, and most of them are located along the Emerald Coast. It offers not only rest and swimming, but also a lot of water entertainment. Appreciate every attraction of the place beloved by many famous people.

Old Station

Diners, Pizza Places

Old Station is a small but very cosy and pleasant restaurant. The special atmosphere of the place is provided by the attentive waiters and quivering work of the chef who is in love with Italian cuisine. Ravioli and pizza, prepared according to non-standard and, sometimes, even exotic recipes deserve particular attention.