Along the Gulf of Finland to medieval Vyborg – Day 1: The most beautiful way to Vyborg

In order to get to Vyborg, we will drive along the shore of the Gulf of Finland, walk through the most picturesque places and enjoy the nature. In the evening, as if by a time machine, we'll move to the medieval city.
Along the Gulf of Finland to medieval Vyborg
Travel distance by car: 181 km.Travel distance on foot: 3 km.Visiting: Vyborg, Repino, Sestroretsk, Dubki, Centralniy, Zelenogorsk, Solnechnoye

Trip duration: 2 days

Ekaterina Riaposova

Hyundai Creta

Dubki Park (Парк «Дубки»)


This park on the Gulf of Finland is an ideal place for nature walks. In his time Tsar Peter I personally chose this area as a place for country rest. Nowadays "Dubki" is the beloved by many people central park of culture and recreation of Sestroretsk. Here you can rent bicycles, boats and catamarans for water walks on the pond and canals of the Dutch Garden.

Смотровая площадка на мысе «Дубковский»

Scenic Lookouts

In this place, Dubky Park meets the Gulf of Finland, which offers a stunning view.

Hotel Druzhba

Пляж «Ласковый»


It is considered one of the most beautiful and well-appointed beaches in the Leningrad region. It is decorated with original sculptures in the style of avant-garde, which gives it uniqueness. Wide sandy shore, cleanliness, developed infrastructure and a huge choice of entertainment attract a large number of tourists in good weather, but many love to come and enjoy the Gulf of Finland in off-season.

Бахрома № 1

Middle Eastern Restaurants

Facility's menu includes hits of Uzbek and Georgian cuisine, Caucasian positions, including dishes on chargrill, as well as classical European dishes. Country restaurant's zest is a large terrace on the Gulf of Finland shore. Mesmerizing view and cozy atmosphere will allow you to enjoy your lunch even more.

Мыс Флотский


One of the most picturesque and romantic places on the Gulf of Finland. Pine forest, scattering of boulders, sand dunes in combination with the bay create a beautiful panorama. Ideal for strolling along the water and dissolving in the surrounding nature.

Дубковая бухта


The oak bay has been a refuge for ships since ancient times. Up to now, the comfortable harbour, protected from winds of all directions, fulfils its purpose and is a berth for yachts. It is located just in the middle of the way between Vyborg and St. Petersburg. Here you can see a mole (a structure to protect ships from waves), at the end of which rises a modern chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, built in the tradition of architecture of the Russian North.

Hotel Druzhba

Welcome to Vyborg! We'll stop by the hotel to leave the car nearby in the parking lot and pack up for dinner. The city is small, so we'll explore it on foot.

Набережная Большого Ковша


Let's take a leisurely stroll through the evening city before dinner. Let's start with the Big Bucket embankment and Viking rooks, which are copies of drakkars made especially for filming and presented to Vyborg. If you stand between two rooks, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the island with the Vyborg Castle.

Market Square (Рыночная площадь)


There are several sights on the square at once: the Gothic red-brick building, which used to house the Bank of Finland, now the Vyborg administration; the Round Tower, a former fortification built in the 16th century; and the central market building itself, badly damaged after the war, but successfully restored and having its original historical appearance today. We will return to the market as early as tomorrow.



The medieval Tavern is the most authentic, hospitable and original institution in Vyborg. The menu includes dishes cooked according to ancient recipes - bread, sausages, pens and ale. The interior itself, oak benches, stained-glass windows, jugs, utensils, waiters' suits - all this tells about the past when burgers, merchants, travelers, villagers gathered for a meal.

Площадь Старой Ратуши


After dinner we'll walk a little more along the amazing Vyborg and reach the bright building of the Old Town Hall, one of the city's business cards. It was built in the XVII century, and in 1898 it was reconstructed in Renaissance style. In front of the Town Hall there is a monument to the founder of Vyborg - Marshal Torgils Knutsson.

Hotel Druzhba