Russian North – Day 4: Pre-revolutionary Russia in Kirillov

Today, our journey will begin with a stroll through the old Cyril Belozero Monastery. Kirillov has preserved its architectural integrity and historical appearance of the city. Stone buildings and wooden houses with impellers. One of them has a funny modern signboard "art-fish". After seeing the various churches during our trip, it was interesting to be in the Museum of Cherepovets, dedicated to the icon. And we will spend the night in the glorious city of Ustuzhne.
Russian North

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova

Кирилло-Белозерский монастырь / Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery (Кирилло-Белозерский монастырь)

History Museums

Morning walk around the monastery territory. Ancient frescoes on the vaults of the gate. Early-Moscow style of the Assumption Cathedral. Now it has a museum where the iconostasis of the XVIII century is displayed. On the territory of the monastery there is an ancient oak, it is 270 years old. You feel yourself in the fortress, time stops. I want to stay longer in this rhythm. In the summer season the townspeople arrange a beach at the age-old walls on the shore of Lake Siver.

Церковь Успения Богоматери


XVII century. The Nelase River. There was no way to get inside. A log cabin without a single nail. The more we look at wooden architecture, the deeper it remains in the heart...

Художественный музей

Art Museums

The museum in Cherepovets was surprising. Art of XIV-XX centuries. An icon as a kind of art. Attentive to details Repin's paintings and creative experiments of Kandinsky are also presented.

Ustyzhna Hotel



Nice pilaf. Strange enough, but the cafe offers to capture the smoked sausage of its own production. There are homemade sausages on the menu. Wonderful and thoughtful of visitors.

Gazpromneft filling station #32

Соборная площадь


Stuffed. The city on the bank of the river Mologi, which needs to cross the bridge to get to the center. Plaza im. victims of the Revolution in the past. It is distinguished from the city's old days by a modern flat traffic light.

Храм Казанского образа Божьей Матери


1694. Baroque. White stone patterns around the windows. The cemetery on the territory, the church operating. It is worth looking inside, look at the frescoes of the XVIII century.

Кафе "А5"


In all our trip, catching wi-fi was not so easy, there is the Internet! It's nice that the cafe sells souvenirs. Russian cuisine.