Find out what the villages of Fire, Roshchino and Pioneer used to be called.. To visit the lake of death.. Try the Finnish ear at a 150-year-old restaurant in Vyborg.. Follow the traces of the Soviet-Finnish war in Leipäsuo. Admire old Lutheran churches.. .

Russian Finland: Finnish Heritage northwest of St. Petersburg

Finland has been part of Russia for a century. The mutual penetration of cultures began even earlier. What to hide, the Finns in a certain sense can be considered the indigenous population of the Leningrad Region. However, the vast majority of the inhabitants do not even suspect that they live in Ingermanland and have the most vague idea about the Finns who lived here before. During this mini-journey you will visit the places nearest to Peter, where the spirit of "Russian Finland" is most vividly traced, and try to open the veil of historical secrets.

Russian Finland: Finnish Heritage northwest of St. Petersburg

3 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - History and Culture - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Lintula, Roshchino, Pioneer Lake, Vysotsk, Vyborg.

If Finland doesn't come to us, we go to her. Today you will drive through several villages in the northwest of the Leningrad Region that are connected to Finland and remind us of it. These are Ogonyonki (former Lintula), Raivola with its picturesque larch grove, Kuolemajärvi's "death lake", Vysotsk with the remains of a fortress and of course Vyborg. The journey will be generously seasoned with Finnish cuisine: there will be plenty of creamy ears and herring in every expression!
Visiting: Vyborg, Roshchino, Pionerskoye, Vysotsk, Centralniy, Il'ichevo

Day 2: Vyborg market, battle marks Leipiasuo, kayaking on Lake Sukhodolsk, evening in Priozyorsk.

In the morning we will continue our research in Vyborg: we will visit the market with Finnish products, take a walk in the centre. The city is officially Russian. In spirit - a bit Swedish. Partly Finnish, of course. After that we will visit Leipäsuo with traces of the Soviet-Finnish war and the beautiful Sukhodol lake. In the evening we will come to Priozyork - another "Finnish" town with excellent beaches and fashionable facilities.
Visiting: Vyborg, Priozersk, Rovnoye, Oyaniyemi, Korvenniska

Day 3: Corela Fortress, Museum of Antiquities in Kuznechny, Ladoga skerries and abandoned Finnish kirkhs.

In the morning we will visit the lake fortress of Korela and explore the Lutheran Church of Kyakisalmi. Then we'll go to the village Kuznechoe: see the ancient amulets and kayaks among the Ladoga archipelago. On the way back we'll stop at the abandoned Finnish church and have dinner in an elegant restaurant "Levada".
Visiting: Priozersk, Centralniy, Rovnoye, Pargolovo, Kuznechnoye, Vuoksela