Russian fairy tale and equestrian center – Day 2: A place where time has stopped and free flight...

An important point of today's route for you will be a visit to the Slavic Kremlin. Before the visit, we recommend that you be sure to visit the site of the Kremlin to make sure that the historical complex is open. And in the afternoon you will have an amazing experience of flying in a wind tunnel.
Russian fairy tale and equestrian center

Trip duration: 2 days

Vladimir Gorodetsky

Restoran Trassa

This place opens early in the morning - a great option for breakfast. Delicious home food, fast service, pleasant staff and radio jazz!

Slavyanskiy Kreml' Vitaliya Sundakova

A special place of strength, a gathering place for the Ravnovers. Slavic rites are held here every year for the holidays. Fans of the Slavic way of life, as well as historians must familiarize themselves. Get acquainted with khozin, enjoy the decoration of his Kremlin and walk in the fresh air - it is especially pleasant here!

Mix cafe

In order not to waste a lot of time, you can quickly eat at this institution, which has excellent ratings and reviews for roadside cafe. Incredible pizza on thin dough and very tasty Caesar salad!

Аэродинамический комплекс Freezone

General Entertainment

Planes are comfortable to fly, and how do you feel about free flight? Visit the aerodynamic complex, where experienced instructors will teach you to hang in the air, literally!