Romance from Verona to Naples – Day 4: The city of seven hills

Your acquaintance with the amazing sights of Rome starts today. In the Italian capital, the heritage of antiquity echoes the grace of the Renaissance and the luxury Baroque, and as exciting as it may sound, the city looks very technological and modern.
Romance from Verona to Naples

Trip duration: 8 days

Juan Coustillas

Locanda del Prosciutto

Italian Restaurants

Take a break after a long journey and have a lunch. Here you can taste a variety of Italian cheeses and prosciutto or get a good meal and choose the right high-quality wine to the dish you ordered.

Colosseum (Colosseo)

Historic Sites

Stroll to one of the symbols of Rome, the oldest architectural monument of ancient Rome. Enjoy the atmosphere of the eternal city and its architecture, located on the square around the Colosseum. If you want to visit this building of the imperial Flavius family, built in 80 AD, it is best to check in advance the museum closing time. Depending on the season, the Colosseum can only be visited from 8.30 to an hour before sunset. Buy tickets to the Roman Forum to get to the museum without waiting in line.

La Carbonara

Italian Restaurants

La Carbonara specializes exclusively in meat dishes and traditional Italian cuisine, which is very popular with the locals. That is why there are usually a lot of people here in the evenings. Make a reservation in advance. The atmosphere is great for dinner.