Romance from Verona to Naples – Day 1: Introduction to Verona

Welcome to beautiful Italy! Stroll through the authentic city of Verona and explore its unique atmosphere, admire the magnificent urban architecture and, of course, enjoy the delicious local cuisine. There are a lot of wonderful discoveries and stunning cities ahead; use a comfortable car, which can be rented directly at the airport, to travel freely between them. There are many wonderful discoveries and amazing cities waiting ahead, moving between which is most convenient with a comfortable car, which you can rent right at the airport.
Romance from Verona to Naples

Trip duration: 8 days

Juan Coustillas

Volkswagen Golf

Ponte Pietra


Get on the ancient Ponte Pietra bridge. This is not the very building, built in 89 BC, however, it was restored several times, and after complete destruction during the Second World War it was restored from the fragments pulled out of the river. There is a beautiful view of the river banks and a quiet and temperate life of the city.

Piazza San Nicoló


Piazza San Nicolò is suitable for relaxation in a beautiful and quiet place. Take a walk, sit down near the temple of the same name and think of eternal things. What is this temple? One of the many architectural monuments of Verona with striking architectural features which faces the guests. So you can spend a long time looking at the architectural features of the San Nicolò Church. It was carefully built for 67 years, but the main reason for the periodic stops in the construction works was the lack of money, later the construction was resumed due to the new patron. The interior of the temple didnt's change much since its first day, the facade of the building was renovated in 1950 in the neoclassical style under the guidance of architect Giuseppe Barbieri.


Fried Chicken Joints

The first evening in Italy should be marked by original Italian joys: long walks, beautiful views and facades of buildings, as well as delicious food. You could also consider another brewery bar with a pleasant atmosphere and interior. Here you can have a snack or eat plenty of pizza, sipping good beer.