Road Trip to Garden Art World Around Bristol – Day 4: Breathtaking gothic and mystical places

The day will be a bit mystical and fabulous, since you will visit the place where there were several miracles according to the locals. Also one of the attractions will appeal to lovers of stories about King Arthur.
Road Trip to Garden Art World Around Bristol

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Cathedral Green


Gothic Cathedral the first church on this site was erected by the king of the West Saxons Ina in 704. Almost nothing remained of the buildings of that time, the existing cathedral was built mainly in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Wait for the clock (inside the Cathedral) and admire the art of the master.

Glastonbury Tor

Monuments / Landmarks

There are several miracles associated with this place. Someone thinks that the mysterious Avalon was once located here. Others believe that there is a gate to the Otherworld. Third, that this is a three-dimensional maze - the entrance to parallel worlds. The shape of Glastonbury Tor resembles a heraldic lion, and from above it looks like a pyramidal structure.

Glastonbury Abbey

Historic Sites

Fans of the Middle Ages, knights and legends about King Arthur will be excited by Glastonbury Abbey. After all, here, according to legend, is the grave of King Arthur himself. Abbey remains a cultural monument of Britain. However, it is partially preserved. Now the place, for the most part, is a ruin. It is recommended to take a guide to imagine how everything was before it collapsed. Also, your attention will be attracted by knightly tournaments, which are held regularly in the territory of the abbey - they recreate the historical events of the time of King Arthur.

Hundred Monkeys Cafe


The relaxed restaurant and bakery using organic, locally sourced fish and meat. For lunch, order some small plates with one of the entrées, like winter vegetable curry or poached sea bream and crab tagliatelle.

Barrington Court

Historic Sites

Fantastic location with beautiful gardens of various styles and a beautiful house. Barrington Court Manor is one of Somerset County’s most striking architectural landmarks. Its construction was begun in 1538. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building suffered from a strong fire and most of the luxurious interior was lost. Near the estate Barrington Court is a magnificent garden with numerous sculptures and gazebos.

Clevedon Seafront


Clevedon Beach is located on the coast of Somerset, overlooking the Bristol Channel. It is a sandy-pebble beach about 850 meters wide. Also on the beach there is a pier on which you can walk. Clevedon's Victorian Pier is the brightest landmark in the city. The forged iron structure of the pier is surrounded by cold sea water. Modern architects have made an artificial pool in the bay, fencing off part of it with stonework.

Stratford Park


This park awarded as green flag area and this place is the first fully successful British tree rescue company from expanding roads. Moreover, here is an open-air exhibition called "Art in the Park". It includes a wide range of styles and media, and ranges from crafts to fine paintings and fine art photography and the artists very outgoing and love talking about their art.

No 131

Restaurants, Hotels, Hotel Bars

Quality throughout everything in food, drink, service. Expect quality to be reflected in the price as well. They make fantastic martini. The restaurant has a creative cocktail menu, a relaxing atmosphere and from main courses you can try lamb.