Drive around the whole island. Enjoy out this world sceneries. Visit waterfalls, glaciers and ice caves.

Road Trip Around Iceland

Iceland is the place where movies about other planets are filmed without any decorations. If you are not ready to pay for a spaceflight, you can travel here. It will turn out a little bit cheaper. This journey is definitely worth its cost. The scenario offers you to go on a road trip around the whole island. You will see the incredible beauty of waterfalls, geysers and glaciers, swim in hot springs and hike through national parks. And the road between these places is already a good reason to visit Iceland. In order to fully enjoy all the places planned come here during the summer months. Due to the fact that in some places it may be difficult to find cafes and restaurants, some breakfasts and dinners are planned in hotels.

Road Trip Around Iceland

11 days itinerary by Kirill Khomko - Uninhabited Nature - Car, 9 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Arrival to Reykjavik

Welcome to Island! Start your journey as you wish, depending on your arrival time. Don't forget to rent a comfortable car for this unique adventure.
Visiting: Reykjavik

Day 2: Explore the city

Before driving out to the road around the island, explore the capital of Iceland. You will have an opportunity to see the city's most famous sights, try local food at the top rate venues and walk around the lighthouse.
Visiting: Reykjavik, Seltjarnarnes

Day 3: Blue Lagoon

This day will be more about the relaxation before the long journey around the whole island. Pay a visit to the supermarket to buy food and water for the road and then visit and enjoy the hot waters of the Blue Lagoon resort.
Visiting: Reykjavik, Hvolsvollur, Grindavik, Alftanes, Asolfsskali, Kopavogur

Day 4: Waterfalls & Hikes

Today, you will visit several picturesque waterfalls of the south, walk along the famous black sand beach and hike down the gorge before going to the next lodging.
Visiting: Hvolsvollur, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Vik, South

Day 5: National Park and Glacier

This day will consist of easy short drives and long scenic walks. The first half of the day is dedicated to the hike in the national park and after lunch, you will visit one of the most famous glaciers in the world.
Visiting: Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Skaftafell, Bakkagerdi, Joekulsarlon, Hofn

Day 6: Fjords and Gufufoss Waterfall

After visiting a garden with very strange looking stones you will have an opportunity to see the fjords of the east of Iceland. In the second part of the day, you will see one more waterfall, probably the most beautiful one.
Visiting: Bakkagerdi, Eskifjordur, Djupivogur, Faskrudsfjoerdur, Seydisfjoerdur

Day 7: Love Cave & Nature Baths

After a long but scenic drive in the north, you will come to a famous cave. Get inside and you will probably recognize the view if you watched the Game of Thrones. In the afternoon, visit the hot natural baths and drive by a volcano.
Visiting: Faskrudsfjoerdur, Reykjahlid, Akureyri, Hals

Day 8: Huge Waterfall and Stone Giant

I bet you have never seen a stone giant before. It's time! After hiking around the Goðafoss waterfall in the morning, driving further back to the west and having lunch, go and visit the Hvítserkur – mighty rock formation that looks like a giant crawling out of the water.
Visiting: Hals, Hvammstangi, Stafn, Laekjamot, Bordeyri, Sauðarkrokur

Day 9: Hot Springs

Apart from the usual hikes at the waterfalls, today you will visit the hot springs and the geyser.
Visiting: Hvammstangi, Reykholt, Selfoss, Laugarvatn, Geysir, Fludir, Tungufell

Day 10: Back to Reykjavík

Today, you will return to Reykjavík for a final night before departure. On your way there, stop at the national park for one more last hike.
Visiting: Selfoss, Reykjavik

Day 11: Departure Day

Hope you will enjoy Iceland as much as I did! Have a nice a safe flight home. Don't forget to drop off the car in time.
Visiting: Reykjavik