Road Trip Around Iceland – Day 9: Hot Springs

Apart from the usual hikes at the waterfalls, today you will visit the hot springs and the geyser.
Road Trip Around Iceland

Trip duration: 11 days

Kirill Khomko


Hot Springs

Imagine that the water temperature in the spring is approaching a hundred degrees! Passing by bubbling geysers, you'll see thick clubs of steam - a spectacle of wonder and even frightening. By the way, the Icelanders were able to "tame" Deyldartungyuhver, and today he supplies hot water to all nearby communities.

Gullfosskaffi Ehf

A cafe with a gift shop. There is also a beautiful waterfall nearby.

Golden Circle Apartments


Waterfalls, Scenic Lookouts

Gudlfoss also means "golden waterfall" in Icelandic. Where did this name come from, it is not known for sure, there is a version of the reflected in the splashes of sunlight, and there is - a treasure trolls hidden nearby. But the real treasure is the view that opens up in the place where two powerful streams of water meet.


Hot Springs

In the valley of thermal springs there are many both sleeping and active geysers, the spectacle is truly impressive. The good news for road travelers is that parking is spacious and completely free of charge.


Scandinavian Restaurants

It's advised to try the fish soup here.