Road Trip Around Iceland – Day 8: Huge Waterfall and Stone Giant

I bet you have never seen a stone giant before. It's time! After hiking around the Goðafoss waterfall in the morning, driving further back to the west and having lunch, go and visit the Hvítserkur – mighty rock formation that looks like a giant crawling out of the water.
Road Trip Around Iceland

Trip duration: 11 days

Kirill Khomko



Although Godafoss is a small waterfall, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the whole of Iceland due to its unusual shape resembling the crescent and the surrounding picturesque landscape.



Today's route is quite long. You can make a stop for rest and lunch here.

North Star Staðarflöt


Scenic Lookouts

Some call this mountain as "elephant", some see it as a frozen giant. In any case, the view is simply stunning!



At the end of the day – a lovely fish restaurant with great views. There are also vegetarian options.