Road Trip Around Iceland – Day 4: Waterfalls & Hikes

Today, you will visit several picturesque waterfalls of the south, walk along the famous black sand beach and hike down the gorge before going to the next lodging.
Road Trip Around Iceland

Trip duration: 11 days

Kirill Khomko


Waterfalls, Scenic Lookouts

Ready to admire the fabulous scenery? Then it's time to go to Selialandsfoss Falls. The waterfall is surrounded by emerald green hills and on a sunny day you can see rainbows appearing among the splashes of water. It is also interesting that if you bypass the water jets on the path, you can find yourself in a grotto and see the waterfall from the inside - a very unusual experience!


Waterfalls, Scenic Lookouts

No wonder if you think you've already seen this place somewhere, because this is where the scenes from the movie "Tor: The Kingdom of Darkness" were shot. The height of the Skougafoss waterfall is approximately the same as the previous one, but it is more powerful and full-flowing. According to local legends, behind the waterfall is the treasure chest of Trassie Torolphson, the first Viking to settle in Iceland.



Rheinisdrangar - basalt sea cliffs located under Mount Rheinisfjal. There's also black volcanic sand here. In 1991, this place was recognized as one of the ten most beautiful untropical beaches in the world. Legend has it that the rocks appeared when two trolls dragged a three-masted ship to the ground and daylight illuminated them, turning them into stones.

Fosshotel Nupar


Restaurants, Bars, Cafés

A delicious veggie burger is served here as well as some other things. A great view of the mountains from the patio.


Scenic Lookouts

The canyon, which has a depth of up to 100 meters and a length of about 2 km, with the river flowing through it. The unusual relief of this area was formed for thousands of years, thanks to the streams of melt water from the glaciers.