Road Trip Around Iceland – Day 3: Blue Lagoon

This day will be more about the relaxation before the long journey around the whole island. Pay a visit to the supermarket to buy food and water for the road and then visit and enjoy the hot waters of the Blue Lagoon resort.
Road Trip Around Iceland

Trip duration: 11 days

Kirill Khomko

Te & Kaffi

Good coffee, great bagels, good tea. Nice atmosphere and popular among locals.


Here you can buy different snacks and water for the road. Prices are quite ok by Icelandic standards.

Blue Lagoon (Bláa lónið)

Hot Springs

Such an unusual color of water in the lagoon has, thanks to blue-green algae and silicon molecules that reflect the sun's rays. You can swim here at any time of year, because the water temperature never falls below 36 degrees Celsius.

Lava Restaurant


This restaurant offers a unique dining experience. The chefs take pride in using fresh Icelandic ingredients and the lunch and evening menus range from light dishes to gourmet meals.

Hellisholar Cottages



Great place for a hike or drive by, lots of scenic views with the black sands and volcanic rock formations.