You will go to the city of labor prowess and visit several boring museums with interesting themed programs. . Visit the main "singer of the Urals" famous writer Dmitry Narkisovich Mamina-Sibiryak. . You'll find yourself in a real fairy tale on the Wisim farm. . Visit the sports and entertainment complex "White Mountain", where you can see with the naked eye the main cities of the Sverdlovsk region..

Rest in the Sverdlovsk region: trip to the falling tower and farm to the spotted deer.

Assess the cultural and historical potential of the Sverdlovsk region and visit interesting places that many people do not even know about. The Urals seems to most tourists to be something cold and faceless, go on a weekend trip and see for yourself. The first attraction of this route is located in a place where very tragic events took place, which ones you have to find out. In a small town Nevyansk you will find an unusual tower, which appeared in the XVIII century by order of Akinfia Demidov and is still surrounded by legends and speculations. Nizhny Tagil should be given special attention, here in the museum-reserve "Gornozavodskaya Ural" there are several museums where fascinating master classes and unusual thematic excursions are held. But that's not all, in the sports and entertainment complex "Belaya Gora" you'll get a portion of extreme, and in a cozy Visim farm a portion of emotion. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Rest in the Sverdlovsk region: trip to the falling tower and farm to the spotted deer.

2 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Families with Kids - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Russian "Tower of Pisa" and the City of Labor Valor

Today you have a long road to Nizhny Tagil, but to avoid tiring it, make a few stops at the most interesting sights. The first stop will be near the monastery, which was built on the site where the Soviet authorities hid the traces of a terrible crime. It was built relatively recently, in 2000. The next stop is by the tower, which is shrouded in legends and speculation. Here you will visit the museum inside this "falling" tower and find out what is true about it and what is a lie. In Nizhny Tagil you will have a fascinating walk through the most curious museums of the city.
Visiting: Nizhniy Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Nev'yansk, Gal'yanka

Day 2: Amazing village of Visim.

Today you will visit an amazingly beautiful place with a panoramic view of the main cities of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. Then go to the house where the famous writer Mamin-Sibiryak spent his childhood. On the way you'll visit the cozy museum "Russian Hut", where you'll get acquainted with the customs and traditions of our ancestors. And the highlight of this small adventure will be the Visim Zoo Farm.
Visiting: Nizhniy Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoarmeyets, Uralets, Visim, Studenyy