Outdoor walks. An old manor house. Spa and total relaxation.

Recreation in nature and the spa

Tired of the daily hustle and bustle and want to spend time away from the noisy metropolis? Then we know what to offer you! Tune in to relaxation and spend the weekend in harmony with yourself. This scenario offers you the best rest possible! Walk around the old manor, enjoy all the services of an excellent spa, breathe fresh air on the lake. Choose what you want - you don't have to follow the plan if you want to dive right into the pool.

Recreation in nature and the spa

2 days itinerary by Егор Оленин - Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Active Leisure

Day 1: Ancient farmstead and evening relaxation

Today you will visit the ancient manor Vorontsov-Dashkov, also known as Bykovo, walk along the paths of the manor park, relax on the lake shore, and spend the evening in one of the best spa centers near Moscow.
Visiting: Beloozerskiy, Bykovo, Mikhalevo, Korobovo

Day 2: Relax and nothing else.

If you wish, you can spend the whole day in a spa hotel, and in the evening return to the capital on the usual road, or go another way, on the way to the gastropub and relax in the park,
Visiting: Beloozerskiy, Moscow, Domodedovo