Discover the natural diversity of Utah . Drive the roads of the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Park . Watch out for deep sand and steep cliffs.

Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah

This trip scenario is for those who are ready for adventures in the area of Martian-like landscapes. We can't offer you a tour to the red planet yet, but we can say that a trip to the canyons and national parks of Utah will give you a lot of emotions as well! You will drive along the mountain roads and winding off-road routes, the landscapes outside the car window will change and amaze with their contrast, pristine forest terrain and desert landscapes will open up in front of you, you will walk near waterfalls, relax on the shore of the lake and climb on the rocky ledges.

Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah

4 days itinerary by Jonathan May - Uninhabited Nature - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Adventure Begins!

So, the adventure begins. The first stop is the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Park, where you can go hiking and take a lot of beautiful pictures, then go to the waterfalls, and in the evening get to Scofield Park and relax by the lake. The itinerary is quite intense, the road trip is quite far away from the city, you may wish to skip some places in order to stay longer in the others.
Visiting: Orem, Highland, Provo, Helper, Salt Lake City, Price, Moab

Day 2: White Rim Trail

We will drive along one of the most famous roads in the wilderness - White Rim Trail. Moving along the route, and sometimes coming down from it, you will see amazing rocks and canyons.
Visiting: Moab, Crescent Junction, Floy

Day 3: Journey to canyons and mountain peaks

Today, we have a long way to go, first we will visit two viewing platforms with spectacular views of the canyons, and in the evening, after a walk at the foot of the mountain, we will go to Provo.
Visiting: Moab, Moore, Green River, Woodside, Ephraim, Genola, Provo

Day 4: Antelope Island

Head from Provo to Antelope Island to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. We'll be back in Salt Lake City by tonight and have dinner at a great Italian restaurant.
Visiting: Provo, South Jordan, Pine Lodge, Syracuse, Salt Lake City