Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah – Day 4: Antelope Island

Head from Provo to Antelope Island to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. We'll be back in Salt Lake City by tonight and have dinner at a great Italian restaurant.
Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah

Trip duration: 4 days

Jonathan May

Oquirrh Lake


Let's start the day with a visit to the lake - the area here disposes to a peaceful rest, so just relax and enjoy the views of the water surface. You can rent a boat, a kayak or a canoe.

Gobblers Knob

Gobblers Knob is the highest peak of the mountain range that separates Mill Creek Canyon from the Grand Cottonwood Canyon. You can reach the top on foot, but the climb takes up to two hours so you will have to skip some of the next places then. Or you can just take a walk on the hiking trails at the foot of the hill.


New American Restaurants

Before we go to the island of Antelope, we should get some food. The way to the reserve passes through Salt Lake City, so we'll have lunch there. The motto of the restaurant is from farm to table, all ingredients are grown on local farms. The staff of the restaurant is always friendly and positive and always happy to help with the choice of dishes.

Antelope Island State Park

State / Provincial Parks, Monuments / Landmarks, Rivers

Antelope Island is the largest island of the Great Salt Lake, and also a place where you can observe many species of animals and birds.

Valter's Osteria

For the final dinner, we'll go to a restaurant in Salt Lake City. The menu is quite diverse, based on Italian classics: pasta, lasagna, a large selection of seafood dishes, and, of course, excellent wines and desserts. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Sundays.