Ancient Kolomna. Eco village (snail farm). Chalet "La Ferme de Reve.". Zaraysk. Bobrenev Monastery. Dostoevsky Estate in the village of Darovoe.. Zarai White Well.

Provence near Moscow: France is closer than it seems!

Do you love France? Now imagine: snails, champagne, farm cheese and a rest in a magnificent castle. Next to a forest with herds of deer walking around? France can be a lot closer than you think! I offer you a small tour through the beautiful reserved and secluded corners of the Moscow region. You will get acquainted with ancient Kolomna and a small Zarai. You'll visit the Bobrenev Monastery, the Dostoevsky estate in the village of Darovoye and gain energy in the famous Zaraysky White Well. And on your way home, you'll drop in at a cozy restaurant on the river and finish your tour with a colourful dinner.

Provence near Moscow: France is closer than it seems!

2 days itinerary by Maria Mamedli - Families with Kids, History and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, History and Culture

Day 1: Kolomna, a snail farm and a Provence-style chalet.

On the first day we will get acquainted with the ancient Russian city of Kolomna. Then we will visit a snail farm and finish the day at the Provence style estate.
Visiting: Donoshovo, Taganskiy, Sergiyevskoye, Kolomna, Raduzhnyy

Day 2: Amazing architecture of Moscow region

Morning in the castle, acquaintance with Zarayskiy, Dostoevsky estate and in the end: dinner in a good restaurant.
Visiting: Donoshovo, Taganskiy, Darovoye, Polivanovo, Zaraysk, Starokurovo