We are going to visit historical monuments built during the Roman Empire.. We will find ourselves in places of incredible beauty near Plovdiv and Sofia.. We will arrange a full immersion in Bulgarian history and culture..

Plovdiv - Sofia: trip to famous historical places and nature

When thinking about how much better to go to Bulgaria, it is difficult not to pay attention to the two historical and cultural centers of this country - Plovdiv and Sofia. Both of these cities have a rich and interesting history, they are home to a variety of museums, historical monuments and are surrounded by numerous natural beauties. That's why we decided to travel from one city to another and immerse ourselves in the unique historical atmosphere that is unique to this area.

Plovdiv - Sofia: trip to famous historical places and nature

6 days itinerary by Elizaveta Smirnova - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Mediterranean cuisine evening

Today will be the beginning of our journey for us, in the afternoon we will land in Plovdiv. We do not have grand plans for today, but the plans are still beginning to explore the main attractions of the city, and at the end of the day a trip to a restaurant.
Visiting: Plovdiv

Day 2: Plovdiv, his culture and history.

Today promises a lot of interesting things to catch up with everywhere, it was decided to divide the day into two halves. The first part will be devoted to various excursions in the museums of the city, the second part will be held, exploring the various monuments of history and culture of the city.
Visiting: Plovdiv

Day 3: Nature south of Plovdiv

Today we will head south of the city, on the way we will definitely visit several beautiful historical places, among which there will be ancient temples, castles and modern villages. In addition, a short walk through the national park is planned.
Visiting: Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Pavelsko, Chepelare, Mostovo, Narechenski Bani

Day 4: Trip to Sofia

Today there will be a rather long and carefully planned trip, which will include visits to several interesting historical sites, as well as a couple of stops in various picturesque parks. In the evening there are plans to take a walk around Sofia's evening.
Visiting: Plovdiv, Sofia, Samokov, Varvara, Dolni Okol, Pazardzhik, Peshtera

Day 5: The nature around cities

Today will be an incredibly busy day. It will begin with a walk on one of the most beautiful places near Sofia - Mount Vitosha, after breakfast we will immediately go on a tour of the museum, after moving to Plovdiv, on the way to visit various interesting places.
Visiting: Sofia, Plovdiv, Koprivshtitsa, Hisarya, Radinovo

Day 6: Morning at a restaurant

Today will be the last morning of our trip. Unfortunately, time is very limited, so it will not be possible to implement any global plans, but you can say goodbye to Bulgaria and Plovdiv on a good note, namely in a nice city restaurant.
Visiting: Plovdiv