On the western coast of Finland – Day 5


Trip duration: 7 days

Ekaterina Shmelkova


Scandinavian Restaurants

The city of Kristiinankaupunki that was founded in 1649 by Peer Brake was not exposed to fire, the motley wooden houses adorn the city since the 18th century till our days.

Kristiinankaupungin tori


There are very narrow streets like Miilukuja or alley Kissanpiiskaajankuja in the city with a width of 299 cm.

Vaasa City Square


Another stop on our way will be in Vaasa. The location is at the narrowest point of the Gulf of Bothnia has made it a natural connecting point between Sweden and Finland. The old town of Vassa was founded in 1606, completely burned down during a big fire on August 3, 1852. The new city was rebuilt at cape Clemetsho.

Scandic Vaasa

Sweet Vaasa

Cafés, Coffee Shops, Bakeries

Pohjanmaan Museo


The Ostrobotnian Museum is a provincial museum of culture’s history, which is at the same time a provincial art museum and a museum of natural sciences. The museum’s building, which was designed by Eino Forsman in 1927, and the wing of the museum’s exposition, that was planned by the architect Eric Kraxtrem in 1967, are located next to the Marianpuisto Park in the center of Vaasa. Karl Hedman (1864-1931), who was a doctor from Vaasa, actively took a part in the creation of the museum. The building was built in 1930, and the Hedman family had its house and a collection on one floor. They didn’t have children, that’s why they left their collection to the fund, which later donated it to the city.


Theme Parks

You can take children to visit the Vasalandia recreation park on the Vaskiluoto peninsula, there are lots of attractions.


Scandinavian Restaurants, Cafés

The restaurant is open until 22:00 from Tuesday to Thursday.